Alessandro Marasca

Managing Director

Alessandro Marasca is an experienced designer and structural/seismic engineer with nearly 16 years of experience in the design and construction industry. He started his career in Italy working as partner for small-middle sized companies and after 3 years he opened his engineering firm. During these years he has worked for many projects in several countries (Italy, Dubai, Bulgaria, Turkey, Mexico, Azerbaijan) developing further his technical and managerial skills. Alessandro was on site after 3 of the major earthquakes which hit central Italy in the recent past and he carried out visual inspections to check if the buildings were in condition for reoccupation. In 2013 he joined Arup in Amsterdam for his strong and technical background in seismic engineering. Alessandro was technically responsible for the work done in different offices in order to deliver a big number of seismic assessments and retrofit designs. Due to the high number of buildings, he was in charge of the digitalization and automation of the entire process which was required in order to deliver efficiently and with extreme quality. In 2019 Alessandro founded Hopper Engineer and Consultancy BV in Amsterdam with the ambition to operate internationally on challenging and complex projects.


| Msc, Structural Engineering with specialization in Earthquake Engineering, University of Rome, 2006
| Chartered Engineer in Italy


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