Residential building | Umbria

CATEGORY Civil & Industrial Buildings
SERVICES PROVIDED Site response analysis
LOCATION | Umbria, Italy

This project is about the seismic assessment and retrofit of a residential building located in the countryside of Umbria in central Italy.
The building is mainly composed by masonry walls and some reinforced concrete columns and beams. The walls are partially Poroton blocks, concrete blocks and tuff masonry. The floors and the main roof are a mixed system composed by reinforced concrete girders and hollow brick blocks “Pignatte” with a concrete collaborating layer on top.
Hopper Engineering and Consultancy is responsible for the seismic assessment of the building in order to provide the due retrofit measures to the structure. The chosen analysis method is the Non-Linear Time History Analysis (NLTH). The choice is driven by the aim of having a more refined approach in order to capture the behavior of the building under seismic conditions. The entire approach is conducted according the Italian Design Code (NTC2018) together with the Eurocode.
This type of approach requires the selection of 7 sets of time histories. The selection is done with the help of the SEISM-HOME database from EUCENTRE which provides sets of 7 ground motions at the bedrock for all the location in the entire Italy.
After selecting the most suitable sets of ground motions, the site response analysis is performed in order to build the ground motions at the surface level. Starting from the time histories at the bedrock the possible amplification or attenuation provided by the soils layers is accounted. Using the available geotechnical data, the site response analysis is performed by means of DEEPSOIL. The resulting ground motions are therefore used to perform the NLTH by means of ELS.

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