Science Bridge

CATEGORY Infrastructure
SERVICES PROVIDED Detailed design of the structures and the geotechnics
LOCATION | Rome, Italy
PROJECT DURATION | 2008 – 2009
PROJECT VALUE | € 4.161.969,58

Ponte della Scienza (Science Bridge) is the fifth pedestrian bridge in Rome. Other bridges include the bridges of Musica, Milvio, Castel Sant’Angelo and Sisto. 

The walkway was designed by the architect Andreoletti and connects the two banks of the Tiber river, between Lungotevere Gassman and the Gazometro. The bridge is 142m long, 10m large and is made of three elements: two supporting structures along the banks and a central concrete deck suspended by pot-tensioned cables. The support of Riva Portuense is made of 63m long corten steel structure, of which 30m is a cantilever on the river bed. The other support on Riva Ostiense is made of a 42m long reinforced structure, of which 15 m is a cantilever. The 36 meters long central piece is made of reinforced concrete and is suspended by external carbon fiber pot-tensioned cables.  

The deck was designed to be a terrace on the riverside on which both pedestrians and cyclists can travel. The cycle lane is made of cement while the pedestrian path is covered with teak wood and equipped with benches. A line of neon lights hidden underneath the steel handrails lights up the whole bridge.      

Foundations were made of 40m deep piles (d = 1200 mm). 

The most challenging part of the project was the installation of central the deck. Because of its substantial weight, two cranes were necessary to place the piece.  

The design was made in collaboration with IGES ingegneria srl. 

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