Mirco Belardoni

Graduate Structural & Seismic Engineer

Mirco Belardoni is a graduated Civil Engineer of Università degli Studi di Perugia, specialized in structural design. During his Master’s degree courses, he has deepened the dynamics of structures, construction in seismic zones as well as the design of interventions on existing buildings from an earthquake-proof perspective.

His interest in various aspects of civil engineering then led him to write his master’s thesis at RWTH Aachen University in Germany on the subject of finite element analysis with the title “Development of a two-dimensional Contact Formulation for Fluid-Structure-Interaction”.
He had some work experience at Studio Baglioni 1994 (Italy) first as a trainee and after graduation as a professional.

Mirco joined Hopper Engineering and Consultancy BV with the role of Graduate Structural Engineer.


Msc, Civil Engineering, Università degli Studi di Perugia, 2021