Raffaella Berritto

Graduate Structural Engineer and 3D Modeller

Raffaella Berritto is a graduate of the Building and Architectural Engineering program of Salerno University with a specialization in geotechnical monitoring.
During her graduation thesis in Skygeo in Delft (The Netherlands), she worked on “The Canals of Amsterdam city: Analysis of Urban Quay Wall Maintenance State via InSAR Displacement Monitoring”. Raffaella has been working with Prof. Dario Peduto of Salerno University, Prof. Ramon Hanssen of TUDelft, and her Skygeo colleagues to implement a new algorithm to get the best results to monitor a large-scale area of quay walls by remote sensing. The acquired data are used to keep under control the quay walls settlements and which of this need quick intervention and more attention.
During her previous work experiences and academic work, she was involved in many projects about renovating historical buildings. For example, “Vigna Della Corte Palace” in Salerno, Italy. On the renovation, she worked with her university team and with the collaboration of the Castel San Lorenzo municipality to do a careful seismic and structural analysis of the building and then carry out a renovation project via the BIM – ACCA software. Furthermore, on her architectural experience, Raffaella has worked closely with project managers and engineers to prepare site plans and technical drawings for construction designs and manage detailed drawing files via Autodesk Software, AutoCad and Revit.


Msc, Building and Architectural Engineering, University of Salerno, 2022