Earthquake Engineering

Building in seismic environments comes with unique challenges. At Hopper, we’re experts in seismic assessment and design. Drawing on years of international seismic experience, we now have a pivotal role in the GESU (Groningen Earthquake Structural Upgrading) project. Thanks to that, we’re also at the forefront of structure assessment and retrofit.
Our approach to seismic assessment is based around the market leading custom technology, which gives us the most accurate, comprehensive understanding of the building possible. We like to explore our client’s needs to identify what you are trying to achieve. Then, we apply our own custom-built technology to determine the performance standards the design needs to demonstrate. Non-Linear Time History Analysis and Non-Linear Static Analysis are some of the most advanced techniques available in the market, giving us a clearer picture of a structure’s performance in extreme events. The ultimate result we’re aiming for is a structure that not only adheres to code requirements, but also delivers performance when you need it most.